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Hello everyone. My name is Matt Cozza, and I am here to give a brief overview of a recent tournament that was held in Chicago at Wanderers’ Refuge. This tournament (8 people) saw a better turn out than our first (5 people), and our local group of players continues to grow at a great pace. There was a wide variety of both player skill and playstyle represented, which was fantastic.

Phoenixborn Usage

The tournament saw a good spread of Phoenixborn used, with Saria in particular seeing a lot of play.

Thomas (3-0):   aradel   7x nb / 3x chb

Matt (2-1):    brennen   4x nb / 4x ceb / 2x ib

Keith (2-1):   noah   4x ceb / 3x chb / 3x ib

Zoey (2-1):   saria   6x ib / 4x chb

Jeremy (1-2):   saria   6x ceb / 2x chb / 2x ib

Ernest (1-2):   saria   5x nb / 5x chb

Brad (1-2):   lulu   7x nb / 2x ceb / 1x ib

Dana (0-3):   jessa   6x ceb / 4x chb

Dice Usage

Dice types were used fairly even with the exception of Illusion dice. Charm dice saw a resurgence in this tournament compared to the last, but all of the influx of Charm seems to come from Nature and Ceremonial dice, with Illusion staying proportionally the same.



Card Usage

The most used cards were:

  1. Enchanted Violinist (17x)
  2. Final Cry (13x)
  3. Chant of Revenge (11x)
  4. Fire Archer (11x)
  5. Hidden Power (9x)
  6. Ice Trap (9x)
  7. Stormwind Sniper (8x)
  8. Sympathy Pain (8x)
  9. Summon Frostback Bear (8x)
  10. Molten Gold (8x)
  11. Root Armor (7x)


Light Blue = Tournament #1 (May)

Dark Blue = Tournament #2 (June)

Weird tournament fact: Despite being the most prevalent card, Enchanted Violinist was not present in the winning deck. It was actually the only deck not to use the card.


We have worked really hard to build a great community of people around this game. A lot of that comes from all of us always being willing to demo the game for anybody that shows interest. I had heard from 13 different people about how they wanted to attend the tournament, so I can only assume that we will continue to grow. I hope that if you ever have the chance to stop in and play a game with us that you will.

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  1. Is there any way to get in touch with the Chicago Ashes community?


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