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Ok guys I think it’s time to start up a New Ashes Tabletop Simulator League! I’ve run two of these leagues in the past and they were a lot of fun, but the format had some issues. After brainstorming with some fellow players I’d like to propose a new format that I think you guys will really dig:

The goal is to have something similar to Friday Night Magic but for Ashes and online via Tabletop Simulator. Every league night will be 3 rounds of casual Swiss. This will follow the same structure as the one outlined in the Ashes Organized Play rule book. The beauty of this format is that it allows players to seamlessly jump in at any point during the league.

Can’t make it to league night Week 3 because you’re on vacation/too busy/have other plans? No problem! Each league night is like an individual mini-tournament so the continuity of standard style leagues doesn’t apply.

The purpose of this format is to let players test decks and get accustomed to the Ashes tournament structure in a low pressure environment. The Swiss format will be used to determine match pairings but there will NOT be a “winner” each night. This allows the league to accommodate any number of players AND allows players to jump in and out at any point during each league night.
To ensure that the matches begin and end in a timely manner, a very strict 50 min time limit will be enforced. Games that go to time will end in a draw.

“What if I can’t commit to the full 3 hours on the league day?”
No worries! Players will be allowed to hop out or jump in to the matches at the beginning of each new Swiss round. Can’t get away from a commitment in time to make the round 1 match? Jump in on round 2 and 3. Can’t play for more than 1 hour? Hop out after playing 1 round. The event organizer (me) will serve as the participant equalizer: If there are an even number of players I will sit out and observe/stream a match. If there are an odd number of players for a given round, I will participate so that every player has an opponent. The purpose of league night is to play Ashes, so no silly Byes!

The league will be hosted and managed via Discord, Slack, or a Facebook group (TBD). More information to come after a specific league night and time has been chosen.

“I can’t attend any of the night / times available but I really want to play in the league!” No worries! I’m only trying to introduce this format to the Ashes community, not monopolize it. I strongly encourage other players to host their own league days/nights whether online or in person! I highly recommend this for our European players whose time zones do not align well with the US.

You can vote for the weekly league night here:

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