Ashes Weekend 2016 at Team Covenant – Top 8 Finals


Top 8 Round 3 – Finals

I realized I never went back and finished this write-up from Tulsa. Better late than never.

The finals of the Top 8 put me up against Tim Keefe’s Jessa deck. The recorded match can be found here:

Round 1

Tim opens up with Hammer Knight (Tim 7 Dice: 4 Nat, 3 Cere // Me 10 Dice: 4 Nat, 4 Cere, 2 Ill)
I summon an EV which gets Ice Trapped and I get hit by Screams of the Departed. I meditate my Illusion dice and one Ceremonial die to prepare for an EV recursion. (Tim 5 Dice: 3 Nat, 3 Cere // Me 10 Dice: 4 Nat, 4 Cere, 2 Ill)
Tim swings with Hammer Knight and deals 4 damage to my Phoenixborn.
I exhaust a ceremonial die (though in hindsight had I exhausted a nature die then Tim would have been unable to summon a Frostback Bear) and play hidden power for 2 Illusion dice to be ready for more exhaustion (Tim 4 Dice: 3 Nat, 2 Cere // Me 10 Dice: 4 Nat, 4 Cere, 2 Ill)
Tim plays down his Summon Frostback Bear book (Tim 3 Dice: 2 Nat, 2 Cere // Me 10 Dice: 4 Nat, 4 Cere, 2 Ill)
I exhaust a Nature die (too late) and put down my own Summon Frostback Bear book (Tim 2 Dice: 1 Nat, 1 Cere // Me 8 Dice: 3 Nat, 4 Cere, 1 Ill)
Tim summons a Bear (Tim 0 Dice // Me 8 Dice: 3 Nat, 4 Cere, 1 Ill)
I put out a Hammer Knight (Tim 0 Dice // Me 5 Dice)
Tim puts out a Summon Dread Wraith book
I recur EV and play her (Tim 0 Dice // Me 4 Dice)
Tim passes
I play Rin’s Fury to get back a boat load of nature dice. (Tim 0 Dice // Me 6 Dice)
I swing with Hammer Knight and Tim takes it with Jessa. I foolishly miss an Aftershock trigger here. I use my side action to Frog ping Tim’s Bear. (Tim 0 Dice // Me 5 Dice)
Tim attacks with his Bear directly at Rin and I block and counter with EV.
I summon a Bear (Tim 0 Dice // Me 3 Dice).
Tim fears my  Bear.
I frog ping his Bear but have no main action and am forced to pass with 2 dice remaining in my active pool (1 ceremonial and 1 illusion) and Rin’s Ice Buff ability unused.
Hindsight time: A lot of play mistakes made here on my part. The turn I played Rin’s Fury I should have used my side action to meditate once and use EV’s ability to put 1 wound on Tim’s Hammer Knight by paying my illusion die. Then next turn I attack with Hammer Knight which he takes with Jessa and I use my Aftershock trigger on the Bear followed by another side action meditate EV ping onto the Bear paying with my ceremonial die. Tim swings with his Bear and I block and counter with EV, destroying the Bear. Next I summon a bear and Frog ping his Hammer Knight. Tim fears my Bear. I frog ping his Hammer Knight, destroying it, and pass. This lets me start the next round with a Hammer Knight against Tim’s empty battlefield.

Round 2 (Me – 1 Bear Book, 1 HK, 11 Life // Tim – 1 Bear Book, 1 Dread Wraith Book, 1 HK, 14 Life)
I start by playing Molten Gold on Tim’s Hammer Knight.
Tim responds by summoning a Bear.
I start exhausting Tim’s ceremonial dice to prevent a Dread Wraith from coming out and play Hidden Power.
Tim plays Chant of Revenge
I exhaust a second ceremonial die effectively locking Tim out of summoning a DW then I summon a Bear
Tim plays a second copy of Chant of Revenge
I summon a second Hammer Knight
Tim places a Deep Freeze on one of my Hammer Knights
I thaw my Hammer Knight and play my last Hidden Power
Tim passes
I use my Bear to swing at Tim’s Bear but he guards with Jessa. For a side action I thaw my Hammer Knight some more
Tim passes
I summon a Crimson Bomber and Ice buff my Bomber
Tim meditates to 2 frog dice and passes
I swing with both Hammer Knight and Bomber. Tim blocks and counters my HK and triggers 2 chants of revenge against my frozen HK. I made a huge mistake here. I should have side action thawed my Hammer Knight then main action swung with all 3 units. This would allow my 2nd Hammer Knight to get in 4 damage before being destroyed.
Tim side action pings my frozen HK, destroying it, and pays 1 die for Screams. Pass main.
I pass main as well and the round ends.
Hindsight time: Had I thawed my HK first and swung in then he takes 4 more damage putting him in lethal range at the top of the round because I have 3 units against an empty battlefield. Super Hindsight time: Had I played round 1 as mentioned in the previous “Hindsight time” section then I can use my Molten Gold on his Bear after exhausting his ceremonial dice to prevent a Dread Wraith summon. This lets me get in 7 extra damage round 2 with a well timed Ice buff to prevent a unit from being immediately destroyed by double Chant of Revenge followed by a frog die ping.

Round 3 (Me – 1 Bear Book, 1 Bears, 1 HK, 1 Crimson Bomber, 10 Life // Tim – 1 Bear Book, 1 Dread Wraith Book, 2 Chant of Revenge, 8 Life)
Tim summons a Dread Wraith to provide some protection for Jessa
I swing with all of my units. Tim blocks my HK with his DW and my Bear and Bomber hit Jessa directly for 6 damage.
Tim, certain that I have a Molten Gold to close the game, decides to go for Blood Points and swings with his Dread Wraith for 5 damage.
I play Stormwind Sniper to deal 2 damage directly this his Phoenixborn and close out the game.
Tim reveals that he had Chant of Protection in hand and could have possibly turned over the game if he played as if I didn’t have Molten Gold.

And so ended my first big card game tournament. I was extremely nervous the entire time, but had an immense amount of fun. If you couldn’t make it to Tulsa for Ashes Weekend this year then I highly recommend going next year because it was a blast.

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