Ashes PH Tournament in Quezon City!

Hello Reader! Kumusta? That means How are you in Tagalog. Heh.

I am Mark Zulaybar, Plaid Hat Corps member and the Ashes and Summoner Wars Product Champion for Gaming Library. That’s just a really long way of saying I really love Ashes and Plaid Hat Games! πŸ™‚

Enough about me though, let’s get into the meat and bones of what this post is all about. This is the tournament report for the most recent tournament that was held here in Metro Manila, Philippines. This is the 5th tournament of the Philippine meta and also the 1st tournament for the Phoenix League! The tournament was held on November 18, Friday at Burger Company in Quezon City. A good number of 6 players played and battled it out. There were 2 Noahs(I’m supposed to be the Noah main!), an Orrick, Victoria, Lulu and Jessa.


The most popular card was Final Cry and the most popular dice was Ceremonial. Curious about the stats? You can look at the Decklists here.

The tournament went on for 3 Swiss Rounds. The winner is our current reigning champion, Eugene Chua with his Orrick deck, who has been winning most of the tournaments here in Manila. Congratulations Eugene!

From here, I’ll be recounting my experience in the tournament.

You can view my decklist in the link above. Β In hindsight, I probably did not need that much ceremonial. Goes to show what not playtesting does. πŸ˜›

Round 1 vs Eugene’s Orrick:

A match that spiralled out of control fast. Started off with Sleight to build my board, I remember not getting any additional Summon spells. I had lots of problems this match between not getting the cards to attack with(bombers, widows) but also forgetting to use my reaction spells. Oh well. I slowly lost control of the board because I only had the one Summon MW and Spirit. πŸ™‚) Match lost. GG.

Round 2 vs Jasper’s Noah:

A funny match. His build was similar but with the opposite dice pool of 7 illusion and 3 ceremonial. Our first round was also very similar with us playing both Sleight of Hand turn 1, then Shadow Spirits, MW etc. I got lucky with my Sleight as I got an early 2nd Summon Shadow Spirit and Chant of Revenge. The match was pretty even as we were both trying to outrush each other. I distinctly remember him taking the damage from my attack to his units because he did not want to let me chant. Match Win. GG.

Round 3 vs Kenneth’s Lulu:

A tight match. I remember this going to the teeth with 18 damage on me and 20 damage on his Lulu. Again, luck was on my side with my round 1 sleight because I think I got a Spirit, and CoR. I had good board control the whole game but I think I lost due to lots and lots of direct damage he did through spells(Molten, Sympathy and Barrage – ouch). Match lost. GG.

tl;dr – scrubbed out and placed 4th.

After all is said and done, I’m happy with how the tournament went out even though I lost(kidding!). It was a great kickoff to the Phoenix League system and I’m hoping for even greater games on the next tournament.


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