Ashes 500

Ashes 500 is a new format using a point-system during Deck Construction to limit what you can play.  A spreadsheet of points with a deckbuilder attached eases the process of making decks.

Overview of Ashes 500

  • Players: 2
  • Duration: normal match length
  • Format: Restricted constructed
  • Difficulty: Expert

Price list spreadsheet click here


Each player must build their deck considering costs from the official Ashes 500 spreadsheet.  The total cost of the deck must be equal to or below 500 points. Aside from that, normal deckbuilding rules apply (e.g. you may only play a unique card if you are also playing that Phoenixborn).

The spreadsheet contains 1 column for each copy of a card you can play.  For some cards, e.g. Open Memories, the first copy may cost more than subsequent copies.  For others, like Rin’s fury, the opposite may be true.  For most, each copy costs the same amount.

In addition to individual costs, there may be some special penalties, all of which are listed in the Notes and Rules tab of the latest ashes 500 spreadsheet.  At the time of writing this article, the only penalty is:

33 point penalty if your deck contains both Shifting Mist and either Summon Butterfly Monk or Summon Shadow Spirit.

To build a deck, make a copy of the Ashes 500 spreadsheet and use the Deck Builder tab.  This tab will auto complete card names for you and automatically sum your total cost, special penalties included. If you are entering a tournament using Ashes 500, save your spreadsheet and make sure the sharing options let anyone with the link view it, and share your deck list with the Tournament Organizer which they will use to verify the legality of your deck. Make sure you are using the most recent price list, which will always be available on Strange Copy.



What’s the point of this format?

I wanted to create a format that freshened up deck building for those who have been dealing with the same cards and Phoenixborn.  The overall goals of the format are:

  • To encourage use of lesser used cards and Phoenixborn
  • To allow you to be competitive while trying new and fun strategies
  • To discourage popular and known powerful combinations of cards
  • To allow use of powerful Phoenixborn if you are trying them in new ways, without feeling bad about it.


Why is there a penalty for Shadow Spirit/Monks + Shifting Mist?

This is somewhat an experiment, and in the future this penalty may not exist or more penalties may be added.  Before this penalty, the price was included in Shifting Mist, but this too heavily discouraged non-book Mist use. Shifting Mist is a decent card that shines much more around those books (and becomes fantastic), and I want to make it easier to use it in new ways.


How did you come up with prices?

An original price list was created based off of card popularity and success from Slam Jams.  The list was further adjusted to get the right “feel” using knowledge of the top-tier metagame and card use.  Finally, some rounds of playtesting and deck building we’re done before making adjustments to create the first Public list.


I think X should be priced differently, why isn’t it?

The list isn’t concrete and may change over time, but to avoid making things too unstable, I don’t want to introduce changes without large amounts of play between lists.  Eventually, for a given set meta (e.g. up to Vicky/leo), the list should become stable as a satisfactory price list is found. If you want to give feedback on a given cards price that you think is too costly to play, or too easy to include, please let me know and I will consider the feedback in the next revision.


How often will the price list change?

At most, once a month the list will change.  My aim is for it to change much less frequently, however, to create stability. This is a deckbuilder format though, so you should be prepared for shakeups.

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