Tales form the Darkside: A War Within Event Report: Money G cards & collectibles 4/29/17

WW Aradel

As requested, here are the deck lists for what I won yesterdays War Within events with. Sorry that they are pretty boring “normal” good decks. I wish I could have surprised folks with something new and original but I like winning.


Event 1- Everything Leo





1-Bear Book

1-Rat Book

2-Owl Book


2-Sympathy Pain




3-Ice Trap

2-Mind Probe


3-Hidden Power

3-Mist Typhoon

FF-3 Books, 2 flex
Round 1 vs Shi Ma playing Leo, Irritate you to Death

FF was 3 Books, IT, Remorse

This game went to me mostly because Shi could not roll dice to save his life and milled himself more than I did (7 basics round 1 for starters). I also picked the Perfect FF for the situation.


Round 2 vs Roscoe Simmons playing Lulu, all the burn

FF was 3 Books, Hidden Power and Remorse

His dice spread was a bit tight in 3 colors and heavily reliant on power/class symbols so I utilized my 2 illusion dice to exhaust and force over meditation. He was milled out while I still had half my deck and I had too much of a wall on my battle field for him to punch through.


Round 3 vs Tim Keefe playing Rin, It’s not a real deck but its a real deck

FF was 3 Books, Mind Probe, Remorse

Part of this was the worst FF pick I made of the day the other half was that my mind probes showed me a very bad future. The first flipped 2 Bear Books and the second flipped all 3 Rin’s Furys. The other thing was that Tim totally blind sided me by running Owls with only 2 charm dice so I had to meditate my FF Remorse from had round 1. I get into a slow mill hoping to draw into my second owl book or multiple Mist Typhoons to even out the battlefield situation vs his Bears, Owls, Rats and Leech Warriors. We have a long ground war with me on defense the whole time until time is called. I had exactly 2 main actions I could do before Tim would go first at top of round and swing for lethal. I win because I’m a horrible person.


I switch to Jessa for event 2


Event 2- Jessa Sonic Boom





1-Bear Book

3-Butterfly Books

3-Chant of Revenge

2-Chant of Protection

3-Hammer Knight

2-Stormwind Sniper

3-Fire Archer

2-Ice Trap

2-Blood Chains

3-Hidden Power

3-Mist Typhoon

3-“Broken Card”


Round 1 vs Cloud playing Jessa. Carm Cerimonal

FF was 3 Books, Sniper, Fear

Cloud is a new player and was banking on an early Owl to disrupt me. I answer it with a Sniper, and answer her Dread With with a Fear. She didn’t FF Fear so the game quickly shifts my way with Screams providing inevitability.


Round 2 vs Mike playing Rin Natural and mono Ceremonial

FF was 3 Books, Fear, Hammer Knight

He was on 9 Natural and 1 Ceremonial dice. I went first and happened to roll a Wolf. I figured why not and wolf exhausted his Goat on my first turn. He didn’t FF Fury so he was not able to stick a round 1 HK. Game went pretty quick after that.


Round 3 vs Tim Keefe, Rin, its now a really real deck this time.

FF was 3 Books, Sniper and Fear

This time I have the sniper to answer Owl round 1. We end with fairly even board states. Round 2 I draw Fear, Monk book and Chant of Revenge number 2 so I basically got another perfect turn. By the end of the game I have out focus 2 Chant and Monks. I get to pull the play I built the deck around and Misty Typhoon to board wipe 4 out of 5 units and deal a boat load of screams damage to set me up to close the game with Med Monk books trigger Chant.


I win the event for real this time and send 3 more points to the dark side.


It was so much fun. Thanks to all my opponents for great games, Roscoe Simmons for being a solid TO and of course my darling wife for letting me out on a Saturday to drive 5 hours and dork it up.


It was great to see some familiar faces and meet a lot of new folks. I hope to see more of you at Gencon and the other regional War Within events.


Special credit to Stuart Day for flying across an ocean to play cards, hang out and make generous offers on alt an art Viper Queen and Siren of Lighthouse Bay.




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