Nothing fictional – a real tournament report!

On the 2nd of November I made my way from Cologne to Siegen to take part in a local tournament, taking place in the local store “Fischkrieg Siegen”.

I decided to play Dimona and two days before the event I took my deck to the test. It was a Ceremony + Divine Dimona Deck, the big cards were Summon Emperor Lion, Summon Dread Wraith, Summon Lioness, Power Through, Chant of Revenge and of course Meteor.

The game plan was basically to establish board dominance, clear it occasionally with Meteor, use a buffed Lioness or a strong Wraith to attack twice with the help of Order, Dimona’s ability.

My friend brought a Leo deck with Bears, Butterfly Monks and Gilders. Testing didn’t go well… I was not happy with my deck. It was quite expensive and the Combo with the Dread Wraith didn’t work out at all.

The same evening I decided to build a new Dimona – keeping Divine dice, but instead of Ceremony, I used Charm and Nature dice. My Summon Spells now were Gilder, Owls, Bear and Lioness – all very cost efficient units.

My final deckbuild was

Ready Spells

  • 3 x Summon Gilder
  • 1 x Summon Frostback Bear
  • 2 x Summon Owls
  • 3 x Summon Winged Lioness
  • 3 x Law of Sight
  • 2 x Hypnotize


  • 2 x Heal
  • 2 x Golden Veil
  • 2 x Meteor
  • 2 x Particle Shield
  • 2 x Molten Gold
  • 1 x Ice Trap
  • 3 x Power Through
  • 2 x Massive Growth

The dice spread was 4 Nature, 3 Charm and 3 Divine.

Was quite happy with the deck. The summons were very affordable. Massive Growth and Power Through in combination with Order seemed like a good combo. Had Meteors in the deck in case things got out of hand. A couple of extra life with Heal.

Finally, added Molten Gold and Hypnotize for an extra way to squeeze the last damage in.

The usual First Five would be all four Summon Spells and one flex depending on MatchUp. I could even go for a double discard with Golden Veil and Owls, which should be devastating against a lot of decks.

Let’s get to the table. We were six people and decided to play a 3 rounds Swiss tournament. We had no strict time limits (around 60 minutes) and aimed for playing a Best of Three in each round.

In the first game I was paired against an Brennen player. He strongly relied on the combo between an Fire Archer and Chant of Dead. Bringing the Fire Archer back to fuel his Chant of the Dead. Other cards in his FF were Summon Dread Wraight and Chant of Protection. He didn’t build a strong board presence and all his burn went straight to Dimona. In the two rounds he did about 10 to 11 damage but his Dread Wraight wasn’t enough to stop his defeat. The 2nd game against him basically went the same.

My next game was a Dimona Mirror. He relied more on Allies than Conjurations, putting out a Rayward Knight and a Beast Tamer. My mass of conjurations was just too much for him. Additionally I got a double discard in with the Owl and Order. He got some damage in playing Hypnotize as well, but after 3 rounds his defeat was decided. We played a 2nd game, but his deck just wasn’t able to compete.

So the final game – I played against an Aradel which won both previous tournaments. He used Illusion, Nature and Charm dice, so I was expecting a Hammer Knight round 1. This time my FF were:

  • Summon Frostback Bear
  • Summon Winged Lioness
  • Summon Owl
  • Molten Gold
  • Particle Shield

I got rid of the expected Hammer Knight, but he reacted with Summon Sleeping Widows which hit me for four. His other starting cards were Ice Trap, Summon Blue Jaguar and Summon Frostback Bear.

This game was quite tense, and took more than one hour. We both got draw damage in the final round. I had to clear the board twice with Meteor. Law of Sight was quite helpful in two consecutive turns to prevent more Widows and his Ice Traps. A final Molten Gold from me finished the game.

I think my biggest mistake in this game was taking Particle Shield instead of Summon Gilder in my FF. I drew my Gilder Book quite late in the game. In the end I used Dimona’s ability only once in this game, never got to use Hypnotize. Didn’t really take advantage of Dimona’s ability.

Since the game was quite long, it was our only game and I was declared the winner of the tournament and got Lulu from the german OP kit.

Still I was quite happy with the deck! Also loved the possibilities using my dice to ping, buff a Lioness which was about to attack or prevent damage to an attacking Lioness with my Divine die.

For whom it may concern – there will be two more tournaments in Siegen, one on the 18th of November and the other one the 2nd of December.


  1. Just wondering if you went to the other tournament on the 18th. I just started to play and loving the game. U.S. bases


  2. Couldn’t go, but planning to go on the 2nd of Dec.


  3. G
    reat Report. Just started playing and I’m diggin the game so far. I hope to hear more from your adventures in the future.


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