Android App – Phoenixbrowser

Many of you have been using my deckbuilding app, I’m going to give it a home on Strangecopy. Sorry this article isn’t talking about more, just trying to give people a consistent place to get the app.

You can download it here.  The current version is 1.09 Jericho and Echo).  Note, for TTS Export to work, you must use use the two-player table found here.)

Change Log:

1.09 – Echo and Jericho Support Added (Parallel Costs treated as combined; full support will be added later).  TTS export works.

1.08 – Deck list filtering added *(If you were having trouble updating, the link was updated on May 30 so that upgrades should work on all phones)

1.07 Namine and Odette TTS export support

1.06 Odette and Namine added


Some tricks:

On decks, click the overflow menu in the upper right to export as a TTS deck.  Screenshot_20170504-183732

Long-press a filter (e.g. ceremonial dice) to select only that filter.  Long-press again to select all.


Slide left and right for summon cards or Phoenixborn to see their associated cards (e.g. uniques or conjurations).