Ashes Basics: Deckbuilding

Hello everyone! In the last few episodes of my Ashes Basics series, we dealt with the Phoenixborn in the Core Set and with their preconstructed deck. Before we begin addressing the […]

Hello everyone, and welcome to another instalment of my preconstructed deck reviews, aimed mostly at new players who want to know more about the various cards and strategies in the […]

Hello folks! Here we are again to take a look at another preconstructed deck from the Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn base set. This time the spotlight is all on […]

Hello again. I’m glad you are still following me in my analysis of the Ashes core set preconstructed decks (because you are still following me, aren’t you?). Today, we’ll take […]

Hello! Here I am again with a new article discussing the basics of Ashes and the preconstructed decks that come with the base set of the game. Today, we’ll take […]